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A world for your pet

Any user registered on the Befoods.cl site that has bank cards issued in Chile may be debit or credit. Payment will be made through the Webpay system.

We have products for; pets, (canine, feline, rodent, equine, bovine, fish, turtle and rabbit) food, accessories and veterinary products.

On the site of befoods.cl you will find most of the products that Befoods has available in their stores in the V region.
If you are registered, enter with your RUT and password and follow the following steps:
1. Add the products you want to buy to the car.
2. When you have finished adding your products, you will be able to see the totality of your car, allowing you to choose how much quantity you need for each product.
Finally, the system will give you a summary of the transaction that you can print to consult for your order.
Once the purchase is finished, the means of payment can not be changed. Nor can you change the type of ticket document to invoice.
If you forgot to add products to your original order once you have finished the purchase process, you must generate a new order.

Each time you make a purchase, a purchase order will be generated that will be processed by our sales executives, who will coordinate the dispatch within the next 48 business hours. This will depend on the time the purchase is made, since our hours of service are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. All purchases made during the weekend will be processed on Monday and coordinated for dispatch the next day.

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